Quality Disposal Services since 1977

Waste Disposal & Recycling Services


Don't waste time worrying about waste management. Moring Disposal is a full service solid waste disposal and dumpster rental company providing disposal & recycling services to fit every customer's needs!
Since 1977, Moring Disposal has been serving the waste collection, disposal, and recycling needs of customers throughout Northwest Illinois. With constant focus on dependable, high quality service and a willingness to diversify our operations to meet the needs of an ever changing industry, Moring Disposal has stood the test of time for almost four decades and is going strong.
Our Services Include:
Residential Services

Across our service area, we provide our customers with residential curbside garbage collection, temporary dumpster rental, and permanent dumpster rental services. We offer these dumpster services with containers ranging from 1.5 yards to 40 cubic yards in capacity to custom fit each solid waste disposal project. Due to our extensive roll off dumpster inventory, our 20 and 30 dumpsters are readily available for commercial and residential use on all types of construction, demolition, and clean-up projects.
We Offer:
• Recycling
• Curbside
• Dual-sort Curbside
• Refuse Cart Rental
• Rear Load Container
• Roll-off Dumpster Rental
• Bulky Item Collection
• Recycling Services
Commercial Services

For large volume commercial and industrial applications, stationary and self-contained compactor systems are available. We provide 120 yard transfer trailer service for waste transfer operations. These containers are also excellent for large demolition projects for excavation firms and landscape waste or wood chip hauling. Our dump, roll off, and tanker trailers haul various special wastes including: contaminated soils, waste water, industrial sludge, friable and non-friable asbestos
We Offer:
• Recycling
• Roll Off Dumpster Rental
• Compactor Service
• Front Load Container Service
• Rear Load Container Service